The worst of madmen is a saint run mad.
— Pope

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A collection of books, articles, court rulings, commentaries, interviews and news reports centering on the faith-healing Twelve Step groups and their “Preachers of Powerlessness.”

St. Gregory's No Longer Recommended.

*Stanton Peele and St. Gregory have terminated their relationship, and St. Gregory is now advertising at its site something called the "Life Process Model." To find out about Stanton Peele's Life Processes Program which was the only reason for the recommendation click here.

I say that a tiger has eaten my neighbors. It has dragged off and eaten their children. It must be driven away.

“But what shall we substitute in its place?” you say.

A ferocious animal has killed my friends. I tell you to rid yourselves of this beast before it destroys you and yours, and you ask me what I am going to put in its place?

   —With both credit, and apologies, to Voltaire.

I Don't Do the 12 Step

Another song for your enjoyment.

Important Court Cases

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AA Deprogramming

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One thing that hasn't been covered, or at least not enough, is the efforts by some of "the alternatives" to help the lower courts get around the higher court rulings against religious coercion by encouraging the courts to send them coercees too.