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  • Anonymous

    Great, more human solutions for suffers from the over-rational.. Sounds like good stuff for heavy drinkers & users, who, after putting down the substances, DON’T have a growing, unrelenting internal condition.. Thought based solutions don’t treat this sickness.. They only temporarily abate.. And why would an alcoholic or addict call upon sanity as a solution before a psychic change has occurred? A psychic change, that the program liberally encourages us to call what ever they want.. God, unsuspected inner-resource, power, deities, things that persist below the quantum level, the universe, astral self, that which(deep unconscious)shows us unimaginable wonder when we dream, or any other individual concept that relieves a gut level condition.. Teach your program, but please turn loose of your inordinate, and monumental efforts to discredit AA’s program. A program that when applied straight out of the literature(not from loathsome mainstream AA open discussion meetings), really saves lives..

  • Silver Damsen

    Thanks for starting this site up again. We needed someplace to critique of the Fix in general and the Nowinski article in particular.