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The Fix: Accurate Information or Propaganda?

The Fix has recently taken to heavy censorship of those who are critical of AA. Pro-AA commentators have been free to post whatever they want for quite some time. AA critics have started getting their posts delayed for many hours … Continue reading

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The Pharmocatherapy of Malingering

Malingering has been a problem in the workplace for thousands of years, at least since the building of the great pyramids of Egypt. Before modern science, malingering was thought to be the result of a weak will or sin. In … Continue reading

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Another Response to “Agent Green”

There have been several excellent responses to an “Agent Green” who started a website [note, 2011: now apparently Green Papers] to attack a noted A.A. critic who goes by the pseudonym Agent Orange. Among them are a couple of members … Continue reading

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The Strange World of Mark Dombeck, Ph.D. at

For quite some time I’ve wanted to respond to the writings of Mark Dombeck at but have been constrained by time. Now that I have some time, I’m rather stumped. The reason for this is that rather than wanting … Continue reading

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